From confusion to clarity

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from confusion to clarity

You have moved to another country and have set foot on the ground in the Netherlands. You are now settled in and are looking for a new job but you are confused by the options or by the lack of them. You don’t know where to start in the job search. Or you want to start a small business, and you don’t know where to begin. Engaging the help of a career coach might be the answer.

Another set of eyes

If you feel you are in a standstill in your career and if you have been struggling for a while on your own and want to avoid losing more time on it, you need clarity on your possible options. If you need to move forward with your goals and want to accomplish them – another set of eyes can be the solution.

Reaching your goals

You can only reach your goals if you are crystal clear to yourself. What is it that you want? Because of your culture, you may not have been brought up to think this way. You were not taught to think about your own needs. If speaking out loud what you want is not in your skillset, it’s more difficult to get where you want to be. Coaching can provide the support you need to identify and achieve your goals.

Candy store

Using the metaphor of a candy store is what I often do. Imagine this candy store. If a child is walking in a candy store without having a clear vision on what to get, the search turns out to become an overwhelming and long process. A child with a mission is a different cup of tea. The candy store will be assessed with focus, and within no time the candy will be found.

Don’t wait and get the ‘candy’ you want! With or without the help of a career coach, I wish you a great career abroad! -Heidi



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