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Are you interested to exercise in a nice atmosphere? Do you like to sport in a team and are you into handbal? If so, then we like to make you aware about PSV Handbal located in Eindhoven North!
PSV Handbal has a big heritage and was founded in 1932. Please have a look at our website:
Currently we have 14 teams, both senior and youth,  and increasingly we have a
multitude of backgrounds in terms of background, language, age and reasoning of playing.
For example: our Dames 1 plays in the national league and aims to promote this
season and therefore they train intensive (4 times a week under a semi-professional coach). Also our Heren 1 team is very ambitious to promote this season, while they promoted last year as well. For both men and women, PSV Handbal has also teams which have the more recreational players who like to enjoy playing on their own level (training once a week with having 1 game a week).
Next to that, we are extremely proud that our member base is growing especially with the youngest. We have several teams in almost every category in terms of age and our daily management and volunteers are enthusiastic and ambitious to grow. On several occasions there are events organized for our members i.e. around Halloween, Sinterklaas, etc.
Other things which makes PSV Handbal unique is the Beach Handbal facilities which allows PSV Handbal to train and play in the summer season outside. Finally, we also would like to mention the biggest outdoor tournament of the Netherlands during Ascension Day which is organized by PSV Handbal.
Maybe you think, does this fit for me (as a non-native)? Definitely!
We have diverse member base with a multitude of nationalities from Spain, Morocco, Serbia, Poland, Denmark etc. Recently we welcomed 2 coaches with a Syrian background who played in the national team!
That illustrated that we are used to help people to get onboarded even if the Dutch skills are limited; think about it, this might also a good way to improve these skills! So we surely think there is a lot we can offer and if you are interested to learn more and explore the options (i.e. joining a trail lesson), please respond to this email:



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