A new community for mindfulness and healthy food in Eindhoven

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Join their next event on the 12th of January and learn more about yoga and mindfullness.

Hello Eindhoven!

We are Lucia & Patrizia and together we initiated an event series to empower people to live a healthier and happier life. Once a month on a Sunday morning, we meet for an hour of yoga and mindful movements. Afterwards we enjoy a healthy vegan breakfast together. 

We started this event by bringing together our own passions: yoga and tea & vegan food. Our mission is to create an offering that is open for everyone, no matter what their level of yoga or knowledge of vegan food is.

The morning starts with a yoga class, everytime with a different theme and topic, where we not only move but also learn something about personal growth and yoga philosophy. Afterwards we enjoy a vegan breakfast where we share some insides of food and healthy eating with you, together with tea carefully chosen and prepared to keep the body hydrated.

I am Lucia and since June I opened Tea stories, a newly tea bar focus on inspiring a more conscious and mindful way of living. After my first visit in China to my husband’s family, I became infatuated with tea culture and the way tea made me feel. After experimenting with organic teas, aromatic spices and therapeutic herbs for two years, I decided to give a name to my tea obsession and in 2018 Tea Stories was founded. Tea taught me to appreciate simple things while paying attention to the environment and people around me, and this is what I would like to inspire other people cup after cup while sitting at the tea bar or through all the events. The decision of combining tea together with plant-based food came quite natural since not only I turned vegan myself, but I also for the impact our personal choices have on our earth. At Tea stories you will not only find delicious tea and plant-based food which is healthy and good for the body, mind and soul but also sustainable with its seasonal ingredients and conscious supplies (mostly local).

I am Patrizia and with my brand Karuna I want to empower people to live a better life through compassion. A perfect way to practice compassion is yoga. For me, yoga is more than just a workout, it is a way of living. Our daily lives have become so busy that we have forgotten how to reconnect with ourselves, listen to our bodies and live a balanced and healthy life. Therefore, my yoga classes focus on relearning to become present, reconnecting with our breathing and starting to listen to what our bodies are telling us. I am passionate about yoga since seven years and at the beginning of this year I made the training to become a yoga teacher. Since then, I have the opportunity to lead my amazing students along the path of compassion and mindfulness. I have a regular Yoga class every Tuesday in the Strijp-S and together with Lucia, I am hosting events to introduce even more people to a healthy and mindful lifestyle. To grow the community even further and empower more people to create the life they want, I am working on a journaling & meditation app that will launch in January. 

The first few events were already successful and therefore we want to spread the word to all yoga and vegan food enthusiasts to join us for a session. Each event is different, adapted to the season with a special theme. Our next event on the 12th of January is our New Year’s Detox Yoga & vegan Breakfast, preparing our body and mind for the year ahead.

Are you a yoga enthusiast and a vegan food lover, or nothing of the two but curious to learn more about it? Join us at our next event on the 12th of January!

Learn more at: www.karuna-studio.com & www.goodteastories.com



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