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The Perfect Wedding Planners habe a novel and refreshing take on how to have the perfect wedding.

The Perfect Wedding Planners (Nathalie and Sara) have a novel and refreshing take on how to have the perfect wedding. The concept revolves around the idea of a ‘pop-up wedding’ and will provide the perfect affordable wedding on unique and beautiful locations in the city of Eindhoven, making it the first city in Holland to offer this kind of service.

Pinterest and Instagram feeds are filled with the most gorgeous pictures of sample weddings, each with its own luxury style. You probably started planning your own wedding motivated and enthusiastically, yet quickly found it as overwhelming as a second full-time job – not to mention the spiraling costs. As we all know, the budget for a fantastic wedding could be as much as a down-payment for a new house.

The Perfect Wedding Planners provide a service which includes location, decoration, full wedding ceremony and a photographer. With their background in event planning, styling and promotion, Nathalie and Sara bring a fantastic eye for detail, whole-hearted passion and professionalism to each customized day. Their themes range from dreamy and traditional, through fashionable boho-chic to modern and sleek. Each unique atmosphere is especially created to fulfil a bride and groom’s dream of what their wedding could be, providing not only the most wonderful experience, but lasting memories in the form of professional and brilliant photography.

With a starting price of €1950.00 a couple, you and your significant other can tie the knot in a sumptuously decorated location, and, with your guests, toast to your newly declared vows with champagne; tuck in to a slice of your personalized wedding-cake; with a professional photographer on hand to ensure you capture these priceless moments with family and friends forever. On that same day 4 or 5 other couples will get married as well. This way they can set up a great ceremony for a very attractive price. No worries, obviously you will not be standing in line to get married. Every bridal pair will have their own timeslot to get married at the planned location.

The Perfect Wedding Planners create the most memorable experience you can imagine, suited to your budget and decadently catered to your needs, for the most important (and smooth-running) day of your life.

The first pop-up wedding will take place in April of 2020 in Eindhoven. It will be a classic wedding surrounded by trees, right in the middle of nature.

Curious about all the possibilities?

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