’t Parelbosch

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I walk into a busy and cosy daycare, everybody is excited because Sinterklaas will visit
today. Fortunately mister Jean can find the time to chat with me.
It should be clear, mister Jean is like a pea in a pod at ‘t parelbosch. As an education
veteran and a former teacher for Mad Science he found his home at daycare/after school
‘t Parelbosch.
Jean: “ It’s very important that kids have off-time after school”.
Parelbosch is not a standard daycare, they are all about freedom, feeling at home and
creativity. They lean on a diverse and challenging offer of toys and educational material.
“One week we have a sjoelbak, in the weeks after they will play with a big box of tools. Kids
are very able to choose their own activity”. Mister Jean responds to the questions kids may
have immediately, with experiments and roleplay. A curious kid is heard here.
Mister Jean is very clear about the approach of daycare/after school care ‘t Parelbosch.
They want kids to have a second home. Leaving your child with “a stranger” is never easy,
but here they strive for kids to be able to be themselves. Children need a place outside of
school they can count on. Jean: “We are independant, and because we pick the kids up from
school, their time here feels like free time. They are on a different playground, playing with
different kids”.
Mister Jean is a remarkable man. While I am interviewing him, children walk in and out. He
sends them on their way with a sandwich, cookies or some encouraging words that
Sinterklaas will be here soon. Although I have never been here myself, I instantly feel very
Their doors are always open to come and take a look, so hopefully they will see you soon at
‘t Parelbosch.



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